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Danny Elfman Live!
Posted by admin on Dec, 18, 2014

Halloween 2014, Richard performs “The Music of Tim Burton & Danny Elfman” at the great Nokia Theater in LA and the Honda Stadium in OC! Danny and Catherine O’Hara performed songs from “Nightmare before Christmas” – they were great!


(Two Maestros! Conductor John Mauceri  in discussion with Danny Elfman before our first rehearsal)

As Principal 2nd Violin, I was featured with some Solos and received some Solo Bows…
What fantastic, and fantastical music! Danny Elfman is a wonderful inspiration for any musician or composer. Check out this YouTube link from last year’s performance…I can be seen playing just behind Danny:


Childish Gambino!
Posted by admin on Oct, 27, 2014

Friday, October 17

Here is a view from behind the onstage scrim – strings backing up rapper great Childish Gambino at the Greek Theatre UC Berkeley.
It was a full string section: four 1st violins, four 2nd’s, four violas, four cellos and one harp. The violin parts were well-written, melodic and gratifying to play. String harmonies were beautiful, often haunting and dissonant… Last time I played violin for a rap star was for a recording with Puff Daddy!








TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast
Posted by admin on Oct, 27, 2014

October 7 – 9

Performed violin for the recording sessions for a new Disney movie at 20th Century Fox. Music was great – fun to play. The story seems a little out there for kids, full of that unexpected heavy pathos that Disney loves to exploit (think of Bambi’s Mom & Dad!). But all is well in the end, and it is ultimately a sweet tale.
Another example of unexpected heavy pathos was the traffic nightmare in Century City due to the visits of the President and VP! Immediately after recording one of the more tender musical moments, the whole stage was shaken by the near flyby of Marine 2 and accompanying helicopter squadron…