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Online Recording Studio

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We offer composers and musicians a variety of other online recording studio Services:

  • Remote Recording (solo instruments)
  • “Sweetening” (strings)
  • Mixing
  • Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Audio Optimization / Normalization
  • Noise Removal
  • Sound Design / SFX
  • V.O. = Voice-Over Acting
  • Software Training

Due to Richard’s extensive experience on the Concert Stage and in the Hollywood Studio World, we have at our disposal a large number of solo instrumentalists and vocalists that record for us in-house or remotely.  The list includes violinists, violists, cellists (Berlin & Hollywood), trumpet (San Francisco Symphony), French Horn, and flute as well as soprano & tenor voices.

In contrast to the “artificial sweetener” MIDI sound fonts that most non-string playing composers offer their clients, we can offer the honey-sweet sound of actual talented string players to be featured soloistically, or layered over orchestral string samples.  This technique of “sweetening” gives the mix much more realism, headroom & a sense of “airiness” than can be achieved with MIDI alone!  THIS ABILITY MAKES US STAND OUT FROM MOST OTHER ONLINE STUDIOS !!!

If you’ve recorded a song with discrete, dedicated STEMS or tracks, we can offer mixing services.  We also can convert audio from analog sources such as tapes and LP’s to digital audio, allowing integration and signal processing over the computer.  We convert to high-quality mp3,  .wav or .aif.  We can “normalize” (bring up to maximum volume level) or “compress” your tracks, and in many cases remove unwanted audio artifacts, tape hiss, clicks & pops from your audio.

We also offer ambient sound design and special sound effects, most often requested by Video Game clients.  Among our resources are corporate speakers and V.O. (“voice-over”) actors – male, female American & British English, Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, Dutch & others.

Click here for our Computer Software Training offerings.  We teach a DAW (“Digital Audio Workstation”) program as well as the Sibelius notation program.

Pricing is dependent on scope of project. Contact us for any questions and pricing: