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composer Richard Altenbach

“capturing your imagination
through inspired music …”

Welcome to composer Richard Altenbach’s website. My passion is to create music that brings voice to your artistic venture. I offer knowledge and expertise composing expressive music tailored to your specific creative needs for Film, TV, Video Games, the Concert Stage and more.

With over 25 years of Hollywood experience, I know orchestral music and am an expert in cinematic textures, rich string arrangements, and big realistic orchestral sound which can be delivered on time and on budget!

Contact me to find that voice for your film, video game, or other project.                                 (CLICK for DEMO of Video Clips from various projects…)




Richard’s Piano work, The Jester’s Waltz, received Honorable Mention (only American awarded!) in the most recent Opus Dissonus Competition. World-renowned pianist, Artur Cimirro, will be recording the work and performing it on recital programs in order to disseminate the piece internationally!

In  2014, Bidwell's Path was designated a Finalist / Instrumental Music Category in the UK Songwriting Contest. More recently, Richard's song Warrior's Hymn was designated a Finalist.  4 of his other songs are considered Semi-Finalists: Stefan's Song, Chicxulub: Dinosaur Musings on the Meaning of Life,  Losing Love & Faerie's Embrace.

STEALING TIME Richard recently scored this dramatic feature film from South Africa directed by Oscar-nominated director, Darrell Roodt.

Losing Love – movie theme song

Montage of moments of joy, funeral, reunion, etc.

Opening - fade in from Lana DelRey's VideoGames