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Recording Studio

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“capturing your imagination through amazing sounds! …”

Bachiosaurus Studios

As well as featuring many sophisticated sampling and beautiful reverb libraries, our recording studio, Bachiosaurus Studios, utilizes state-of-the-art mixing and mastering software for any digital audio recording needs. Although much of our sound recording work is done “in-the-box”  (that is, with software within the computer), we also support live recording of individual instruments or vocals with excellent click-track & monitoring capabilities.


Have a look at our Equipment List

Hardware Resources

  • instruments
    • Roland XV-88 with expansion cards galore
    • Steinway piano (1913)
    • Harpsichord (Gerald Self, 1985)
    • Violin (Stefano Scarampella, 1887)
    • Viola (GligaVasile, 2001)
  • computers
    • Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon / 2.93 GHz
 (running on the latest Mac OS X)
    • Intel Pentium 4 / 2.40GHz / 1.00 GB RAM (Gigastudio slaved to Mac)
  • mixer
    • BehringerEurorack MX 2642-A
  • monitors, headphones
    • KRK VXT6, KRK KNS-8400 Headphones
    • Sony MDR-54
    • Sennheiser HD 280 pro
  • microphones
    • CAD Equitek E-200
    • Stereo Sony ECM
    • BlueMic / Snowflake USB Cardioid Microphone


Software Resources

  • music sequencer
    • Digital Performer 64 / 32 bit, latest version
  • sampling libraries
    • Vienna Symphonic Library
    • Sonic Implants (Sonivox) Symphonic Libraries
    • SAM Brass
    • NI Komplete
    • Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices
    • Spectrasonics Atmosphere
    • MOTU MachFive
    • MOTU Ethno
    • MOTU Symphonic Instrument
    • numerous specialty ethnic, Medieval, Celtic & ancient instrument collections
      several percussion libraries, many electronic synth libraries, and a plethora of SFX!
  • mastering software
    • Waves Master Bundle
    • BIAS Peak
    • SoundSoap
  • notation software
    • Sibelius, latest version