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Recording Studio

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“capturing your imagination through amazing sounds! …”

Bachiosaurus Studios

As well as featuring many sophisticated sampling and beautiful reverb libraries, our recording studio, Bachiosaurus Studios, utilizes state-of-the-art mixing and mastering software for any digital audio recording needs. Although much of our sound recording work is done “in-the-box”  (that is, with software within the computer), we also support live recording of individual instruments or vocals with excellent click-track & monitoring capabilities.


Some reviews from clients :

“Richard Altenbach is a superb recording engineer (Slot Machine). He is very professional and possesses a vast knowledge in his field. Not only is he quick and perceptive, but also has an extraordinary ear (perfect pitch). His work is impeccable and reliable and the best part is that his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend Richard Altenbach for any studio work at any level.”

Dr. Nancy Lee Harper – Prof. Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal


NEW ZAOR DESK Bachiosaurus Studios’  “COCKPIT!”


Have a look at our Equipment List



Hardware Resources

  • instruments
    • Roland XV-88 with expansion cards galore
    • Steinway piano (1913)
    • Harpsichord (Gerald Self, 1985)
    • Violin (Stefano Scarampella, 1887)
    • Viola (GligaVasile, 2001)
  • computers
    • Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon / 2.93 GHz
 (running on the latest Mac OS X)
    • Intel Pentium 4 / 2.40GHz / 1.00 GB RAM (Gigastudio slaved to Mac)
  • mixer
    • BehringerEurorack MX 2642-A
  • monitors, headphones
    • KRK VXT6, KRK KNS-8400 Headphones
    • Sony MDR-54
    • Sennheiser HD 280 pro
  • microphones
    • CAD Equitek E-200
    • Stereo Sony ECM
    • BlueMic / Snowflake USB Cardioid Microphone


Software Resources

  • music sequencer
    • Digital Performer 64 / 32 bit, latest version
  • sampling libraries
    • Vienna Symphonic Library
    • Sonic Implants (Sonivox) Symphonic Libraries
    • SAM Brass
    • NI Komplete
    • Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices
    • Spectrasonics Atmosphere
    • MOTU MachFive
    • MOTU Ethno
    • MOTU Symphonic Instrument
    • numerous specialty ethnic, Medieval, Celtic & ancient instrument collections
      several percussion libraries, many electronic synth libraries, and a plethora of SFX!
  • mastering software
    • Waves Master Bundle
    • BIAS Peak
    • SoundSoap
  • notation software
    • Sibelius, latest version