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Richard’s Piano piece, The Jester’s Waltz, was awarded the Diploma in the Second Degree in National Professional Category in the Golden Key International Piano Composition Competition.

The composition (The Jester’s Waltz) has been recommended for the program of the World Composers Recital at the Golden Key Music Festival in Vienna, on July 31, 2024, where the Diploma and Winner’s Medal will be awarded to Richard on the stage of Vienna’s historic Ehrbar Hall during the Award Ceremony. A professional pianist has been chosen to perform and video/audio record the piece at the concert!




– Richard scores a stylish, dark and atmospheric horror short by Leaf Lieber, has received many accolades and has screened at the venerable Aero Theatre in Santa Monica!


SCARECROW! – Eerie Waltz for Violin & Piano 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!   I composed this waltz, originally a much longer work for solo piano, when I was 14 years old. This theme was to accompany a Halloween story (audio tape) I made about an evil, marauding scarecrow that, well … suffice to say the thing just wanted every part of itself to become human in the worst way! “If I only had a brain…” comes to mind, with a twist. I know, I know – dark right? But this was a time in my life when I considered Edgar Allan Poe’s Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket light reading.

This arrangement for Violin & Piano (preferably father & son!) features my son (13 years old) in his most recent live recital on piano accompanying the composer (dad, a few years older).

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Hear Richard’s Interview on NPR Sacramento! He discusses composition and his recent projects.


Richard recently scored this dramatic feature film from South Africa directed by Oscar-nominated director, Darrell Roodt.

Losing Love – movie theme song
Montage of moments of joy, funeral, reunion, etc.
Opening – fade in from Lana DelRey’s VideoGames


Richard just finished scoring this indie horror feature film from Cow Town Film Productions.
View trailer


Richard is shown here with T.V. co-host
Amy Henry of “How Film Works” NCFC TV Channel 17 Sacramento.

  • MYSTS AT FOGGIE BRAE – a collection of musical / audio assets (themes, ambient trax, loops) to enhance a Dark Age/Celtic Video Game; music ranging from live and sampled Medieval instruments featured in intimate ensembles to large, sweeping string and full orchestral textures.
  • THIS NEW DAY – for an amazing website dedicated to uplifting terminal cancer patients, Jesus Loves Larry; this is music to underscore inspiring biblical verses; “This New Day Montage”/Prayerful Meditation, Reverence, Contemplation through Joy, This New Day ( votum theoricus, reverentia, intuitus per tripudium, is novus dies )
  • THE SQUIRE’S QUEST – a beautiful Medieval slide show depicting the epic journey of a knight’s squire; features various themes from Richard’s Dark Age collection! Final scenes accompany his well-known and highly regarded Fairie’s Embrace with the lovely soprano voice of Dawn Simmons.
  • Richard’s Interview on the Scoring of the incredible historical documentary, THE KILLING OF MARY SURRATT.
  • TRAILER MIX – a montage of various trailers, end or beginning credits to film
    and game projects featuring music scored by Richard. So sit back, turn off
    your cell phone, grab your hot-buttered popcorn, and enjoy…
  • TREKKING THE CLOUDS – a celebration of the beauty of cloud formations, and a photographic tribute to hang-gliding and the lofty enterprise’s 19th century’s scientific pioneer, Otto von Lilienthal.
  • WINTER FOR IVAN– in this montage, moments from the live concert version for cello & piano morph into Wolf Sebastian’s in-studio recording on cello with orchestra, electronics & male chorus prerecords. All with evocative visuals and stills.
  • OFF THE HOOK – Ringtones! Many genres from funny, quirky, horror, to pleasant and Celtic… can be customized, edited, volume boosted or lowered to taste… or commission your own individual sound!

Honors and Educational Experiences:

Other Credits:



NATASHA BEDINGFIELD  He has composed song arrangements for the Pop Star’s album, Pocketful of Sunshine.

SPIKE JAMES & THE NAMES  He has composed the string arrangements for the Rock Band’s Song, An American Anthem.  Sample Snippet of Strings: 

Full song available here:  An American Anthem

Gift for Reba “On the Lot” entry

Prince of Wales THEME
Star Trek: Lexington THEME
Raven Crest

Short Films:
Cancer Man (“Comic Con”)
The Plan

His Child (production halted)

Video Games:
Hacker Evolution
BloodSpeare (production halted)
Untitled Fun Family, Educational Dinosaur Game (production halted)

all kinds of Ringtones including Celtic, Horror, Epic & Funny

As composer for the concert stage, Richard’s recent premiers include: