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– Richard scores a stylish, dark and atmospheric horror short by Leaf Lieber, has received many accolades and has screened at the venerable Aero Theatre in Santa Monica!


SCARECROW! – Eerie Waltz for Violin & Piano 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!   I composed this waltz, originally a much longer work for solo piano, when I was 14 years old. This theme was to accompany a Halloween story (audio tape) I made about an evil, marauding scarecrow that, well … suffice to say the thing just wanted every part of itself to become human in the worst way! “If I only had a brain…” comes to mind, with a twist. I know, I know – dark right? But this was a time in my life when I considered Edgar Allan Poe’s Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket light reading.

This arrangement for Violin & Piano (preferably father & son!) features my son (13 years old) in his most recent live recital on piano accompanying the composer (dad, a few years older).

Boo …


Hear Richard’s Interview on NPR Sacramento! He discusses composition and his recent projects.


Richard recently scored this dramatic feature film from South Africa directed by Oscar-nominated director, Darrell Roodt.

Losing Love – movie theme song
Montage of moments of joy, funeral, reunion, etc.
Opening – fade in from Lana DelRey’s VideoGames


Richard just finished scoring this indie horror feature film from Cow Town Film Productions.
View trailer


Richard is shown here with T.V. co-host
Amy Henry of “How Film Works” NCFC TV Channel 17 Sacramento.

  • MYSTS AT FOGGIE BRAE – a collection of musical / audio assets (themes, ambient trax, loops) to enhance a Dark Age/Celtic Video Game; music ranging from live and sampled Medieval instruments featured in intimate ensembles to large, sweeping string and full orchestral textures.
  • THIS NEW DAY – for an amazing website dedicated to uplifting terminal cancer patients, Jesus Loves Larry; this is music to underscore inspiring biblical verses; “This New Day Montage”/Prayerful Meditation, Reverence, Contemplation through Joy, This New Day ( votum theoricus, reverentia, intuitus per tripudium, is novus dies )
  • POE-ETIC REFLEXIONS – Live Piano Trio Performance (Violin, Cello & Piano) of musical impressions of five works by Edgar Allan Poe … nevermore!
  • THE SQUIRE’S QUEST – a beautiful Medieval slide show depicting the epic journey of a knight’s squire; features various themes from Richard’s Dark Age collection! Final scenes accompany his well-known and highly regarded Fairie’s Embrace with the lovely soprano voice of Dawn Simmons.
  • Richard’s Interview on the Scoring of the incredible historical documentary, THE KILLING OF MARY SURRATT.
  • TRAILER MIX – a montage of various trailers, end or beginning credits to film
    and game projects featuring music scored by Richard. So sit back, turn off
    your cell phone, grab your hot-buttered popcorn, and enjoy…
  • TREKKING THE CLOUDS – a celebration of the beauty of cloud formations, and a photographic tribute to hang-gliding and the lofty enterprise’s 19th century’s scientific pioneer, Otto von Lilienthal.
  • WINTER FOR IVAN– in this montage, moments from the live concert version for cello & piano morph into Wolf Sebastian’s in-studio recording on cello with orchestra, electronics & male chorus prerecords. All with evocative visuals and stills.
  • OFF THE HOOK – Ringtones! Many genres from funny, quirky, horror, to pleasant and Celtic… can be customized, edited, volume boosted or lowered to taste… or commission your own individual sound!

Honors and Educational Experiences:

Other Credits:



NATASHA BEDINGFIELD  He has composed song arrangements for the Pop Star’s album, Pocketful of Sunshine.

SPIKE JAMES & THE NAMES  He has composed the string arrangements for the Rock Band’s Song, An American Anthem.  Sample Snippet of Strings: 

Full song available here:  An American Anthem

Gift for Reba “On the Lot” entry

Prince of Wales THEME
Star Trek: Lexington THEME
Raven Crest

Short Films:
Cancer Man (“Comic Con”)
The Plan

His Child (production halted)

Video Games:
Hacker Evolution
BloodSpeare (production halted)
Untitled Fun Family, Educational Dinosaur Game (production halted)

all kinds of Ringtones including Celtic, Horror, Epic & Funny

As composer for the concert stage, Richard’s recent premiers include: